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  The first World of Warcraft: Legion panel has kicked off with new game director Ion Hazzikostas on stage. He has started the conversation with a discussion about the team's patch philosophy.

  Things that are important: Content at a pace that benefits players & development; creating a living world; a varied patch structure -- esentially trying to find the "medium sized" patch.

  Patch 7.1.5 - Legion's first 'small' patch. There will be systems updates, rewards, getting content into player's hands and relevant, prioritized content. The "when" is important. Making players wait isn't fair or right.

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  In 7.1.5:

  1.Mists of Pandaria time-walking dungeons will be added

  2.Brawler's Guild will return with dozens of new bosses, "rumbles" that can be described as chaotic raid battles that pulls all waiting players into the arena, with a new currency (Brawler's Gold) that unlocks shared benefits and new rewards -- lots and lots of shirts and a basilisk mount.

  3.Micro-holidays - a day or two event that a citizen of Azeroth might celebrate. Example: Ahn'Quiraj Remeberance Day (Jan 22); Volunteer Guard Day - the protectors of the Capital Cities; Hatching of the Hippogryphs; or Boat Day to go out and celebrate.

  4.Blade's Edge Arena update

  5.Class updates - with data and feedback, we're looking at talent and talent rows. We'll increase talent diversity. Haste vs Mastery vs Crit - narrowing gap between iLevel and secondary stats; improving the "feel", the flow of rotations and use of abilities; adding / returning utility (MM / BM Hunters will get traps back)

  6.Artifact knowledge catch up mechanic -- purchase-able with resources.

  7.Patch 7.1.5 will be on PTR after Blizzcon.

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  For Patch 7.2:

  1.Tomb of Sargeras - 9 boss raid, harness the power of the Pillars of Creation to seal the Legion invasion

  2.Class Order Campaign will continue

  3.New Faction: Armies of Legionfall - Leaders of all 12 Orders

  4.New world quests - around the world and on Broken Shore

  5.Build a base & plan the assault (Nether Disruptor, Command Center, Mage Tower) - players choose which buildings are constructed rather than Blizzard making the choices.

  6.Legion assaults throughout the Broken Isles

  7.Fight the Legion on the ground then take part in a 3-player scenario on a Legion ship

  8.Flying will arrive - the conclusion of the Pathfinder achievement. Flying unlocked on all characters on an account

  9.Custom class mounts earned at the end of the Broken Shore experience

  10.Patch Dungeon: Cathedral of the Eternal Night - 4 boss dungeon, ascend the Tomb of Sargeras, Heroic / Mythic / Mythic + varieties

  11.PvP - new season, new rewards

  12.PvP Brawls - add variation to casual Battleground game play, experiment with new ideas and fun are the centerpieces, week long event - Southshore vs Tarren Mill; Instant-Cap Warsong; Packed House - drop 2-15 player groups into an arena map; Gravity Lapse; Winter Arathi Basin; Eye of the Horn - all players on rams in Eye of the Storm

  13.Artifacts - new artifact traits; a 4th point in minor traits; new Knowledge levels; new Relics that can modify two traits instead of just one; questline will continue; one new appearance for each weapon; solo skill challenge - master spec to get the appearance

  14.Dungeon updates: Heroic / Mythic dungeon adjustment - increase of difficulty and reward; Upper & Lower Karazhan that will be available as random Heroic / Mythic+; new Keystone affixes

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  To stop the Legion once and for all, we will need to go to Argus. We'll have more to say later. The story is far from over.

  World Quest system, a whole new dynamic will be added to the World of Warcraft: Legion. With these world quests, you will actually be going out into the world, which is the point of an MMORPG. Fastest Way To Get Gold In WOW and cheap to do different kinds of world quests for different types of content.

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