How Quickly Does G4P Farming Deliver The FFXV Gil

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  We previously got a look at the new “Gun” and “Machinery” weapons for Final Fantasy XV, and Famitsu has provided a closer look with new screenshots and details.

  Final Fantasy XV Gil Farming

  In Final Fantasy XV, you’ll get to switch through various weapons in real-time during battle. From great swords to spears, there’s a variety to pick from, including the recently introduced “Gun” and “Machinery” weapons.

  Final Fantasy XV Gil Farming

  Guns allow you to attack from long range, and your ally Prompto specializes in them. In addition to pistols, there are also rifles that allow you to attack from great distance. Some Guns allow you to shoot using “Snipe Mode” as shown in the above image.

  Final Fantasy XV Gil Farming

  Machinery made its debut in Final Fantasy VI. Some of them may be tricky to handle, but they’ll provide you with a completely different way of attacking that you won’t see from other weapon categories.

  FFXV Gil Farming

  The “Attract Wave” (Assault Attack) hits enemies with a shock wave.

  FFXV Gil Farming

  “Attract Wave” (Special Attack) pulls enemies in together, allowing you to take them all out at once.

  FFXV Gil Farming

  “Circular Saw” (Special Attack) uses a circular blade that spins in high-speed to slice through enemies.

  Final Fantasy XV releases on November 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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