Riders of Icarus How to Get More Gold and More Mounts

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  Greetings, Riders! It’s BK again, the lead game designer for the Riders of Icarus development team at WeMade. Collecting mounts is a core feature of Riders of Icarus, and in this DEV Blog I’ll discuss my two favorite mounts and some of the decisions we’ve made while designing mounts in the game.

  Riders of Icarus How to Get Gold

  Favorite Mount

  My favorite mount is Pegasus from Tritael Rift. I really like that its wings look similar to the wings of Icarus from Greek mythology. It's also a very practical mount, as it functions well in both aerial and ground combat. On ground it is considered a steed type, so it moves fast. It can also reach high altitudes, but is far more easily tamed than other mounts that can reach those heights.

  Riders of Icarus How to Get Gold

  Because I like the Pegasus so much, I've added the mount to a few additional places so that more Riders are able to try it. Originally Riders escaped on a different mount in “Prison of Salant,” but I changed it to Pegasus. I've also based the design of a legendary familiar on Pegasus as well.

  Most Memorable Mount

  To me, Garme is the most memorable mount I have designed. This is the very first heroic-rarity mount you will get to see in-game, and it was also the first time we introduced the idea of a "boss monster" mount. And once you tame Garme, he’s huge! He’s a very distinct and attractive mount for Riders to use. Because of Daveen and Garme we’ve been able to develop more "boss monster-mount" combinations such as Ashuram and Apocalypse.

  Riders of Icarus How to Get Gold

  Adding Glide and Spring to Mounts

  When we were developing and testing aerial mounts, our internal feedback said movement was slow, and traversing through the world became tedious. Part of this perception is due to an increase in field-of-view that scales to cater to the larger wingspan of these mounts. The field-of-view makes it seem like the mounts are moving slowly because it’s not necessarily representing the actual movement speed. The speed at which the mounts move is actually pretty decent.

  Simply increasing the move speed was not the solution, as the speed of the monsters in the world would need to scale as well, so we had to think hard to come up with a feature that allowed faster movement but did not affect mounted combat. After a long discussion, we came up with the "Gliding" feature.

  In the Riders of Icarus Closed Beta Test many Riders were happy with gliding, but now some expressed that the ground mounts felt too slow. Therefore, we created the "Sprint" feature on ground mounts to mirror gliding found on aerial mounts.

  Riders of Icarus How to Get Gold

  Flying In The Breach

  In Rift of the Damned, Riders experienced The Breach, the first 5-player dungeon with aerial mounted combat. Flying is one of the most important aspects to the Riders of Icarus experience, so we wanted to incorporate flying in a dungeon. In that endeavor we experienced a few limitations. If an aerial space is too large, it will confuse Riders and disorient them. Riders will lose their sense of direction. On the other hand, we didn’t want to set the flight path physically as it would make flying too restricting and wouldn’t provide the true flying experience our Riders want.

  Because of these reasons, we made the flight path in The Breach a straight line and reduced the flight area. We think we struck a good balance and Riders will enjoy flying in the dungeon.

  This guide will detail the best way of earning gold in Riders of Icarus.

  Gear: At first the gear did sell for decent prices but with people now flooding the markets prices have dropped significantly, as everything is undercut to hell. Now you need to get a piece with good stats to get a good price, so that someone who is looking to min/max will pay a lot for it (I'll pay ~10 gold for a well stated item with max sockets).

  As you improve gear you will be able to move up to Lavalight Heroic V/Carleon III/Matren I Heroic solo (though that may depend on your class) - they give reasonable gold if you sell everything/or seals if you extract (you may get lucky for checking AH prices first if something is in short supply).

  It is up to you whether you vendor/extract, as the Lvl 30 extractors are quite pricey, tend to extract everything except Matren gear itself.

  Alchemy: When Riders of Icarus possesses a deep crafting system, allowing players to create weapons, armor, potions, and accessories and so on, at least early on Alchemy is the only craft that you’d consider investing time into. The reason is that, in the case of weapons, armor and accessories, for example, anything you can craft will easily be outranked by either quest rewards, or dungeon drops. On the contrary, Health potions and Constitution buff potions will have an especially high demand as remaining alive in Riders of Icarus is not always an easy task, and dying has consequences. Alchemy provides a number of different potions that players can hardly be obtained through other means.

  Kellwoods Farms: Kellwoods Farms is a small cluster in the Hakanas Highlands region where vampire peasants tend to roam around in groups of five. This is the earliest gold farming spot in the game where players can lure dozens of enemies and kill them all at once with AoEs. It is generally recommended to fight them with the spear mounted weapon (as it possesses various AoE skills), while riding a mount that increases the character's health/defense, strength, or physical critical rate/damage. For those farming in groups, having a Priest on stand-by for buffs and heals should help greatly.

  Dungeons: Unsurprisingly to say, in RoI dungeons remain the best way to obtain a large amount of money. For starters, the enemies inside drop much more money than those in the otherworld (It is estimated that roughly at 5-10 times the amount). Also there are various bosses and sub-bosses in these dungeons that drop recipes, gear and raw materials that can be sold easily in the auction house. According to the difficulty degree of the dungeon completed, the drop rate will be changed too.

  Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Hope the above tips can help you to get the ROI Gold easily, if you don’t have enough time or energy for farming, you can choose our website G4P to buy the Riders of Icarus Gold, you will get the best service and cheap price here.


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