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  World of Warcraft: Legion received a major update this week in the form of v7.1. Players will find a lot of new content including the Mythic-only Karazhan dungeon, the Trial of Valor mini-raid, the continuation of the Illidan and Suramar storylines and much more. However, not all content will become available right from the get-go on launching WoW for the first time after the update’s launch. Most will require a bit of legwork on behalf of the player.

  Here’s our quick look at how to access the new 7.1 content.

  Karazhan: For those who may not know, Karazhan is a Mythic-only dungeon with nine bosses and comes with the ability to save progress throughout a given week by working through the dungeon to a checkpoint that will allow players to continue from that spot forward.

  Karazhan features loot drops from ilvl 855 to ilvl 875 with a chance to proc to Warforged and Titanforged. In addition, there are a pair of mounts that can drop: Midnight’s Eternal Reins, an updated version of the original Karazhan Fiery Warhorse, and the Smoldering Emberwyrm that looks like additional boss Nightbane. You can also get Moroes as a Class Order Hall Champion.

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  To unlock the new version of Karazhan (the old one will still exist alongside it), players will need to speak with Khadgar in Dalaran to obtain the first of three quests. He will send players off to defeat Godking Skovald on Mythic difficulty to obtain a shattered remnant of a fel-crystal fragment. This sets off the second quest in the attunement chain. Taking the fragment to Khadgar, he sends players off to complete three more Mythic dungeons: Blackrook Hold, Vault of the Wardens and Violet Hold. Once done, the attunement is complete for that character only and Karazhan is then open.

  Illidan’s Story: Illidan has been a controversial and central figure of the Legion expansion. For those who have been playing through Legion, the Naaru Xe’ra has made several appearances in order to guide players through Illidan’s story told from a different, much kinder perspective. This journey through Illidan’s past will continue with 7.1 with players being given a quest called Soul Prism of the Illidari. As you can tell by the title, the Demon Hunter NPCs will be taking a prominent spot in this quest chain.

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  Once a player has this quest, they will be sent off to collect 80 Lingering Soul Fragments which are dropped by the final bosses in all Legion dungeons. Keep in mind that only a maximum of 10 fragments can be collected each week with a higher drop rate for harder difficulties. So, the minimum amount of time required to complete this quest will be 8 weeks, although it can take longer depending on the RNG.

  Suramar + Nighthold: The Suramar storyline will also be continued in v. 7.1 but will require Exalted status with the Nightfallen and the completion of the Good Suramaritan achievement, that requires finishing all 10 Suramar storylines, including killing Xavius, the final boss of the Emerald Nightmare raid on any difficulty.

  Similar to Garrison quest chains in Warlords of Draenor, players will be completing one quest chain per week over a nine week duration. This will lead to the Insurrection achievement and the unlocking of the Nighthold raid at a later point. One of the great benefits of working through this is awarding of Arcanist’s Manasaber mount once finished.

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  PS A secondary benefit of 7.1 with regard to Suramar is that once one character on the account has unlocked Arcway and Court of Stars Mythic dungeons, all other characters will have access to them as well.

  Helya: Odyn’s raven will be lurking around in Dalaran to give players to give players a quest called Helya’s Conquest that will unlock Helarjar World Quests that can spawn throughout Broken Isles. Not only will these quests provide more lore behind the conflict between Helya and Odyn, but they will also give player opportunities to gain reputation with the faction wherever the quest spawns similar to Kirin Tor and Wardens.

  The quest chain will lead to unlocking of the Trial of Valor raid which will wrap up the story started in Stormheim region of Broken Isles.

  Where Can I Buy WOW Gold

  Other Interesting 7.1 Content.Trial of Valor raid unlocks on November 8th (N/H) and November 15th (M/LFR).New World Quests.World Quests for level 110 characters no longer require Friendly reputation with factions to be unlocked as long as one character per account had already unlocked it.Alcaz Island receives a revamp in 7.1 and comes with a variety of interesting things, including mechanical spiders tameable by Hunters.Blood of Sargeras vendor.New PvP themed faction, Talon’s Vengeance, and update to many PvP Talents, Prestige and rewards.New Raiding with the Leashes achievement: Wrath of the Lick King (no, it’s not a typo).New collectables: mounts, pets & toys.Profession updates.Some class balance updates & UI improvements.

  You can grab more details on loot tables, further information about specifics of any of the above and more over at Have you gotten started on any of the new content yet? Let us know what you think so far in the comments.

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